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My Favorite Locations • For the Photographer

I moved to Idaho Falls in the fall of 2015. I didn't know ANY locations when I first moved so I had to go searching. Luckily my husband is from Rigby so he was able to help me out for a few. Over the past 3 years of exploring, here are some of my favorites! 

Kelly Canyon/Cress Creek - Having mountains within 40 minutes of me is my favorite thing about living here in Idaho. Kelly Canyon is one of those places that people often over-looked because it is a very common spot, but it has so much to offer! I have found my own favorite places within Kelly's that work for the look I want. There is also Cress Creek near Kelly's which is a great spot as well! 

Tautphuas Park - During the winter I have such a hard time finding locations that are, one, close by so my clients don't have to drive far in bad roads, and two, have a gorgeous look covered in snow AND being completely dead. Tautphuas park saves the day every time. Covered in snow is still my favorite, but even as it's melting the pines look great with the sun coming through!

Downtown Idaho Falls - Have you every explored downtown Idaho Falls? There are some super awesome spots! Especially during the winter, and early spring, when there isn't any snow but everything is still dead. I rely on downtown all the time! And every time I go, I seem to find another cool area. These are all off of Broadway Street! 

Hidden Gems - My absolute favorite locations are the ones I've found myself. There have been days where I fill up my tank, pack a lunch, and just drive for hours. I'll take roads I've never taken, or I'll take a road that I know is already pretty so I have a feeling something even more gorgeous near it. The hardest part of doing this is finding beautiful land that ends up being private property!!! Always check that the property is public and that there aren't any signs marked otherwise.
Many of the locations I have found end up being my favorites because they are something that only I (or a few others) can offer because they are something I've found! There are places I didn't know existed within 5 miles of my apartment, and others are 2 hours out. But I'm always up for a nice drive, especially if it includes pretty scenery. So my advice is to go find something new. Take a drive and go somewhere you've never went or somewhere you've always wanted to explore.

Don't Let Location Hold You Back - Keep in mind that a location doesn't have to dictate how awesome your session can be. I love pretty mountains just as much as everyone else, but the truth is we won't always get the chance to go to beautiful locations. And as photographers, we need to have the ability to show the beauty of our subjects without an epic backdrop. Last week I had a session with my niece and all we had was the backyard area of our hotel. The hotel rooms were completely surrounding the area and the swimming pool with a cover on top was totally in the background. But that didn't hold me back from being able to document and show how adorable my little niece is! 
You can create beautiful images in not so pretty areas!