Colorado Monument • Anniversary

If you’ve wandered through my website and blog, you will probably recognize this beautiful woman. This is my sister Jodi and her husband Jayden.

This past week I got to meet my family up in Colorado and spend some time with them. Whenever we’re together I try to make sure I get Jodi and Jayden some updated family photos if possible because they are a blast to shoot! So I asked if we could head up to The Monument which is one of my all time favorite places to explore and shoot at. I have shot a surprise proposal and I have shots our family photos here before my brother left on his mission to Alaska!

I loved the light we had this specific night. It’s a little cloudy with the sun peeking through every couple minutes. As you can see it was stunning! I love Jodi‘s yellow dress. I felt like it was perfect for the backdrop we had. Little Myla-Jade is now two years old and I love her! She is so much fun to hang out with. MJ talks so much. I love seeing her be so talkative, especially for a two years old. I feel like I can have complete conversations with her.

I’ve honestly never been much of a baby person or a kid person in general. I usually avoid holding babies and kids and they were never a fan of me either. But when Myla-Jade first called me KeKe (that’s now my aunt name) I was hooked! She was one of the first kids who actually would come up to me and want to me to hold her. It has always been so special to me.

Enjoy my favorite Anniversary photos of Jodi and Jayden in Colorado! Their family photos are toward the end! (Saving the best for last!)

Idaho Falls Woodsy Engagements

Sierra was working at Pizza Pie Cafe when Josh came in. In the words of Sierra, “I was smitten by him!” Sierra decided to tell her co-worker to tell Josh that he needed to ask Sierra out! And guess what? He did! Their first date was at Gravity Factory in Rexburg, which I must say, that’s a pretty awesome first date. After dating for about 2 months, Sierra made a few jokes about how Josh wasn’t allowed to fall in love with her. On one summer night while they were driving to go hang out with some friends, they were singing in the car. Josh told Sierra he loved her and the rest is history!

Sierra and Josh were a ball to hang out with during their engagement session! It was a pretty chilly day and as much as we wanted to go to the mountains, we decided to stay local so we didn’t get stuck in snow or too cold during their session. I’m glad we went to one of my trusty locations in Idaho Falls! I can’t get over this amazing forest vibe this hidden gem gives off.

I could hang out with Sierra and Josh everyday! Seriously, so kind and down to Earth. Not to mention totally themselves during their shoot! Posing was not required for these two. I appreciated how low key Sierra and Josh were. I feel like these two could have fun doing literally anything! We honestly were out just out in the snow having some fun, and getting a few photos in between it all. I’m counting down the days until Sierra and Josh’s April wedding! I cannot wait to document these two again!

Shai'Loni + Wes • Island Park Engagements

If you want to know a patient couple, Shai'Loni and Wes are it! In January I met up with Shai'Loni to visit about her vision for her wedding. Seeing her face light up when she talked about Wes made me so excited to see them together for their engagement session. 

We planned on a Saturday to head to Island park for snowy engagements. I knew it'd be covered in snow, but the day before a snow stormed started to hit Island Park according to my weather app. In Idaho Falls and Rexburg it was mostly just gloomy, but I really didn't want to risk driving up and getting stuck or not being able to shoot in a blizzard. I asked to reschedule for Presidents' Day. These two were so patient and happy to do so! 

Monday came and it was pouring wet snow! Luckily it wasn't a blizzard this time around, but it gave the exact vibe Shai'Loni wanted for their session! The snow was literally perfect for photographing. At a few different points during their session I'd have Shai'Loni and Wes stand under a tree, and right as they got into their pose, snow would fall off the tree and down their necks and back! They were such good sports about freezing snow falling on them, so we all ended up laughing, even after the fifth time it happened. Thank goodness for these two with their patience and easy going attitudes. 

MUA: Abbie Hughes