Skatepark Anniversary Session • Rigby, Idaho

I met Jacob way back in 2012 while I was going to college at BYU-Idaho. One of the things that I was super attracted to about him was his “skater” vibe. He dressed a little more on the alternative side which I was totally drawn to! I honestly loved how sweet Jake was (seriously, he is so nice) while still having that look I liked.

So while we were dating we would go to the skate park and I would just sit and relax and watch him skate for an hour or two. That was also when I had just started getting serious about photography so I would take pictures of him here and there skating. Since then, I’ve always wanted to do a couple shoot with a skater couple because I thought it would turn out so cool!

A few nights ago I got on the skateboard for the first time in over five years and tried it again. I’m definitely not good by any means, but I had fun doing it. That’s when it came to me; Why not do photos of me and Jake playing the part? Okay, so I actually never dress like this anymore, but I did have everything in my closet, so maybe I do. Anyways, I grabbed my husband and brother in law (who also skates) and set up some settings and had him take a couple photos of me and Jake. I envisioned a more serious approach which was so difficult because it’s hard to be serious around Jake. But we did our best and I love how it turned out in the 5 minutes we shot! Thanks again to my brother in law, Caleb, who also took all these shots! He killed it!