Skatepark Anniversary Session • Rigby, Idaho

I met Jacob way back in 2012 while I was going to college at BYU-Idaho. One of the things that I was super attracted to about him was his “skater” vibe. He dressed a little more on the alternative side which I was totally drawn to! I honestly loved how sweet Jake was (seriously, he is so nice) while still having that look I liked.

So while we were dating we would go to the skate park and I would just sit and relax and watch him skate for an hour or two. That was also when I had just started getting serious about photography so I would take pictures of him here and there skating. Since then, I’ve always wanted to do a couple shoot with a skater couple because I thought it would turn out so cool!

A few nights ago I got on the skateboard for the first time in over five years and tried it again. I’m definitely not good by any means, but I had fun doing it. That’s when it came to me; Why not do photos of me and Jake playing the part? Okay, so I actually never dress like this anymore, but I did have everything in my closet, so maybe I do. Anyways, I grabbed my husband and brother in law (who also skates) and set up some settings and had him take a couple photos of me and Jake. I envisioned a more serious approach which was so difficult because it’s hard to be serious around Jake. But we did our best and I love how it turned out in the 5 minutes we shot! Thanks again to my brother in law, Caleb, who also took all these shots! He killed it!

Colorado Monument • Anniversary

If you’ve wandered through my website and blog, you will probably recognize this beautiful woman. This is my sister Jodi and her husband Jayden.

This past week I got to meet my family up in Colorado and spend some time with them. Whenever we’re together I try to make sure I get Jodi and Jayden some updated family photos if possible because they are a blast to shoot! So I asked if we could head up to The Monument which is one of my all time favorite places to explore and shoot at. I have shot a surprise proposal and I have shots our family photos here before my brother left on his mission to Alaska!

I loved the light we had this specific night. It’s a little cloudy with the sun peeking through every couple minutes. As you can see it was stunning! I love Jodi‘s yellow dress. I felt like it was perfect for the backdrop we had. Little Myla-Jade is now two years old and I love her! She is so much fun to hang out with. MJ talks so much. I love seeing her be so talkative, especially for a two years old. I feel like I can have complete conversations with her.

I’ve honestly never been much of a baby person or a kid person in general. I usually avoid holding babies and kids and they were never a fan of me either. But when Myla-Jade first called me KeKe (that’s now my aunt name) I was hooked! She was one of the first kids who actually would come up to me and want to me to hold her. It has always been so special to me.

Enjoy my favorite Anniversary photos of Jodi and Jayden in Colorado! Their family photos are toward the end! (Saving the best for last!)

Fair Anniversary Session • Blackfoot, Idaho

This past summer we decided to make the fair a priority! We had went the year before, but it was for a very short afternoon so we decided this round to go for the majority of the afternoon.

One of my favorite fair foods is the Tiger’s Ear which is basically a ginormous scone. It was my first time trying a bull’s-eye burger which was absolutely amazing. I love going to the Blackfoot fair and looking through the art as well. I am from Cheyenne, Wyoming and in July there is Cheyenne Frontier Days which is a huge event. People come from all over the country to see the professional bull riding, evening concerts, amazing fair food, and of course the carnival. So I love the Blackfoot fair but I’m used to the go big or go home for fairs and carnivals since Cheyenne Frontier Days is the daddy of them all. So it was hard to compare the Blackfoot fair to it.

Tanner and Brittny went with us to the fair! We always love the positivity and these two give off. I sincerely look up to them! I wanted to have some fun so I got some cotton candy and told them to just flirt and we got these amazing shots of them just being themselves! Then they went and played one of the carnival games together and it was just too cute not to document!