Wyatt Meng • Rigby Senior

The Meng family is one of those awesome families of all boys. They are some of the craziest and most adventurous guys I've ever met! And I've had the opportunity to photograph Riley's and Krystyn's Engagements and Wedding, Zach's Senior Photos, and now Wyatt's Senior Photos. When I talked to Wyatt about his session, I wanted Maddi there to get those real smiles out of him, and it totally worked!

We started at 7am at the Rigby Football field for some full shots and to get a few up in the stands. It was only 32 degrees with insane wind too. Luckily we moved to downtown Rigby where we were blocked from the cold. Our last spot was up in Kelly Canyon, one of my favorite locations. 

The colors in Kelly Canyon were just starting to change which is one of my favorite looks! I love being able to have a summer look in one area with a fall look in another. Enjoy my favorites of this handsome Senior. I'm excited for all that's in store for you, Wyatt! 

And here are some of the outtakes from Wyatt's session. 

Savannah Sheppard • Rigby Senior

Savannah found me on my Instagram just a few weeks back when she got ahold of me. I was so stoked when she asked me to do her Senior photos! We started putting together details on her session and we decided to start with a downtown look in Rexburg and have the majority of the session in some pretty greenery.

When I left for Savannah's session, it was pouring rain in Rigby! Because my weather app said no chance of rain just an hour earlier, I figured it couldn't last long. Luckily it didn't rain on us at all and it brought out a gorgeous sky for all of Savannah's session! I may have gotten a little carried away with it in all honesty. 

Savannah is such a sweetheart. Can we talk about how beautiful this girl is inside and out?! She also did her own hair and make up which looked phenomenal! And since Alyssa and her mom were tagging along we went ahead and got a few with all three of the gorgeous girls. Enjoy my favorites from Savannah's amazing session! 

Devyn Bragg • Senior

My husband and I went location scouting a few weeks ago. I begged him to take me to all his fishing spots in hopes to find something stunning, and we did! This gorgeous flower field and meadow is only 4 miles from our apartment! That is so much better than the 40 miles it is to Kelly Canyon, (one of my favorite locations here in Southeast Idaho). 

Once we found this stunning spot, I needed a Senior to test it out with me. Devyn was happy to! This girl is an adventurer! She was happy to go deep into the trees, get in the water, and dance in front of the camera. Having a carefree attitude can make a world of difference in your photos! It's my job as the photographer to stress and be nervous. It's your job to come and just have fun! Thank you so much Devyn for being my guinea pig. You killed it! :)