Flower Field

Devyn Bragg • Senior

My husband and I went location scouting a few weeks ago. I begged him to take me to all his fishing spots in hopes to find something stunning, and we did! This gorgeous flower field and meadow is only 4 miles from our apartment! That is so much better than the 40 miles it is to Kelly Canyon, (one of my favorite locations here in Southeast Idaho). 

Once we found this stunning spot, I needed a Senior to test it out with me. Devyn was happy to! This girl is an adventurer! She was happy to go deep into the trees, get in the water, and dance in front of the camera. Having a carefree attitude can make a world of difference in your photos! It's my job as the photographer to stress and be nervous. It's your job to come and just have fun! Thank you so much Devyn for being my guinea pig. You killed it! :)