Idaho Falls

Wyatt + Maddi • Rexburg Proposal

Last week Wyatt called me and I knew exactly what it was about when his name popped up on my screen. Everyone knew a proposal was coming. But since I would be documenting the special event, I got all the details and plans earlier on. Wyatt asked Jake and I to set up along with Brittny and Tanner.

We left Rigby with Tanner and Brittny and found the rooftop right around 7:45pm. It was down pouring rain with no sign of slowing down, and the wind was also insane! Tanner drove us around the parking lot to see if we could find any other spots, but there wasn't much options. Right around 8:00pm we decided to just go for the rooftop that Wyatt wanted and we just hoped it'd turn out alright. As soon as we got out of the car, the rain turned into a light sprinkle and then to nothing at all. We were so stoked things were falling right into place for Wyatt's vision! The wind was still a little hard to work with as it blew out the candles multiple times, but it was nothing compared to what it was 30 minutes prior. 

I've known Wyatt and Maddi since they first started date over 4 years ago. To see both of them so happy literally brought tears to my eyes. I was bawling behind my camera as Wyatt proposed. After Maddi said yes, Jake, Tanner and Brittny came out of the side door clapping and congratulating. We hugged, we cried and we celebrated! Congrats again Wyatt and Maddi! Can't wait to document your wedding day!  

Abby + Jared • Mountain Engagements

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to document Abby and Jared's engagements! Abby was actually in my home Stake growing up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our families had game nights all together! I have some cool memories with the Henrie family. 

Abby and Jared are a sweetheart couple. They both are on their last few semesters at BYU-I with Abby in Exercise Physiology and Jared in Neurobiology. I love how carefree Jared and Abby are. They could do be doing anything together and they would be enjoyed it. When I asked Jared to slow dance with Abby I asked what their song was and they told me Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This song seems totally them! And I loved seeing Jared open the car door for Abby the moment they arrived and as they left.

The day before Abby and Jared‘s engagement session we had 40+ mph winds! I'm so glad that it ended up being a beautiful day. We enjoyed some time up at Kelly Canyon and the grass was just barely turning green! Abby and Jared will be getting married at the Idaho Falls Temple. Jake and I were married at the Idaho Falls Temple as well so it holds a special place in my heart! Can’t wait to be a part of these two’s wedding in June!

Shoot and Share 2018

2018 was my fourth year entering the annual Shoot and Share Contest. I throughly enjoy the Shoot and Share contest because it's unbiased and anonymous, (unless, of course, you've seen the photos before). I can send the link to friends and family because anyone can vote! And it gets pretty addicting. 

Finalist badges are given to the Top 3.5% of the entire contest. That includes all the photos entered! Top 30%, 20%, and 10% are given for each category, such as engagements, portraits, family, etc. 

This is an annual, world-wide photo contest. In 2018, 412,379 photos were submitted, and over 75 MILLION votes were cast by 124,894 people from 130 different countries! 24 of JayCee Photography's photos received badges in 2018.