Tanner + Brittny • Downtown Idaho Falls Engagements

Our group of friends consist of all of Jacob's buddies through High School. We're all super close and I feel like I even went to high school with everyone too. My brother-in-law, Joseph, and Tanner, roomed together at BYUI for the past two semesters. Joseph joined the Stunt team in the fall and told Tanner he should come with as support and to meet a couple girls. So they joined together. 

In November I noticed Tanner was with a girl, Brittny, in some of his Snapchats. He never mentioned anything in person though which I thought was interesting. I later found out that Brittny was on the stunt team with him and they were good friends. They were hanging out often and Brittny decided to try asking Tanner out. Tanner, being a Meng boy, didn't get the hint that she was into him. He figured she wanted a group to hang out with so when Brittny asked to go to Wendy's, Tanner would invite all his roommates to come with. This happened a few different times including a movie night. Brittny finally went and told Joseph she was ready to give up on Tanner because she didn't think Tanner was interested. Joseph ended up going up to Tanner and saying, "Dude, Brittny's into you!". 

Tanner had an "ah-ha" moment. He'd been into Brittny the whole time but wasn't getting her major hints. They both laugh at the story now, but I honestly think it's pretty cute. Enjoy some of my favorites from their Idaho Falls Engagements. Today is also Tanner's Birthday! Happy Birthday Tanner! :)