Makenzie + Jonah • Snowy Mountain Bridals

It’s winter. Hot chocolate, crock pot meals, fuzzy socks, and so many movies on Hulu, and of course my personal favorite, cuddling! While I love the spring and summer for the beautiful colors and fast pace lifestyle, I love winter for it’s down time. The time to slow down and enjoy little moments and remember to take time for self care. Also, it’s a great time to have movie marathons! Jacob and I have finished the Fast and Furious series and Harry Potter recently! Is it crazy that I started the Fast and Furious and Jacob started the Harry Potter?

Sometimes I do need to get out of the house though. As a photographer, winters can be great for a back end refresh for the business and time to breathe an catch up. But I personally have to make sure I don’t get any cabin fever and that I do still take time for my creative side. I needed a little creativity after a crazy fall and this shoot did just that! I love being outdoors any chance I can get, and this was right before the temperatures dropped and stayed below freezing for a few weeks. Thank goodness for this gorgeous shoot to keep me sane during my slow season!

MUA // Morgan Fay
Florals // Wild Teton Floral
Cake // The Sugar Fairy
Invites // Maren Graham
Styling // Allison Quist Koryn Rice

Brianna + Brett • Snowy Mountain Bridals

Brianna came to me knowing she wanted mountains for her bridal session. We played around with a couple ideas and then decided on Jackson. I remember driving up with Jacob and being so tense! Thank goodness Jacob had that weekend off because it was such a sketchy drive with the icy roads! It took us about 2 hours to get there and then I quickly scouted for an area for the first look before Brianna and Brett arrived.
Even though it was below freezing, we were able to create some dreamy photos! I love the snow covered mountains combined with the fog. I've always been drawn to fog so I love any chance I can get to shoot in it. Check out Andrew and Jordin's Engagement Session to see another beautiful session with fog featured in!
Brianna and Brett both toughed it out during this chilly session, but I think it was well worth it!

Tanner + Brittny • Pocatello Bridals

Pocatello has been on my list of places I've wanted to shoot. Every time we drive to Utah I can't help but stare at the stunning mountains through the area. When Brittny mentioned she wanted to do Bridals in Pocatello, I was thrilled, but I had no idea where to shoot! Thank goodness Tausha, Brittny's mom, knew this beautiful area. One of my favorite parts of this spot was being completely surrounded by mountains.

We started the session with a beautiful first look. I think "first looks" are one of the best parts of a bridal session. The excitement that builds up before seeing your future spouse, best friend, and wedding date for the rest of your life, it's pretty neat. I also love being able to document it! Those moments are some of the sweetest and most memorable from my own wedding.

Tanner and Brittny were so giggly and just totally in love during their session! Having been good friends with Tanner the past few years, I am so happy he's found someone who I consider absolutely perfect for him! Congrats to Tanner and Brittny on their wedding day! 

These two also did one of the coolest things I've ever had a bride and groom do! Check it out at the end of this blog post!

Dress // Margene's Bridal