Wyoming Mountains

Idaho Falls Woodsy Engagements

Sierra was working at Pizza Pie Cafe when Josh came in. In the words of Sierra, “I was smitten by him!” Sierra decided to tell her co-worker to tell Josh that he needed to ask Sierra out! And guess what? He did! Their first date was at Gravity Factory in Rexburg, which I must say, that’s a pretty awesome first date. After dating for about 2 months, Sierra made a few jokes about how Josh wasn’t allowed to fall in love with her. On one summer night while they were driving to go hang out with some friends, they were singing in the car. Josh told Sierra he loved her and the rest is history!

Sierra and Josh were a ball to hang out with during their engagement session! It was a pretty chilly day and as much as we wanted to go to the mountains, we decided to stay local so we didn’t get stuck in snow or too cold during their session. I’m glad we went to one of my trusty locations in Idaho Falls! I can’t get over this amazing forest vibe this hidden gem gives off.

I could hang out with Sierra and Josh everyday! Seriously, so kind and down to Earth. Not to mention totally themselves during their shoot! Posing was not required for these two. I appreciated how low key Sierra and Josh were. I feel like these two could have fun doing literally anything! We honestly were out just out in the snow having some fun, and getting a few photos in between it all. I’m counting down the days until Sierra and Josh’s April wedding! I cannot wait to document these two again!

Brianna + Brett • Snowy Mountain Bridals

Brianna came to me knowing she wanted mountains for her bridal session. We played around with a couple ideas and then decided on Jackson. I remember driving up with Jacob and being so tense! Thank goodness Jacob had that weekend off because it was such a sketchy drive with the icy roads! It took us about 2 hours to get there and then I quickly scouted for an area for the first look before Brianna and Brett arrived.
Even though it was below freezing, we were able to create some dreamy photos! I love the snow covered mountains combined with the fog. I've always been drawn to fog so I love any chance I can get to shoot in it. Check out Andrew and Jordin's Engagement Session to see another beautiful session with fog featured in!
Brianna and Brett both toughed it out during this chilly session, but I think it was well worth it!

Austin + Ashley • Kelly Canyon

At Case family reunions, Austin was the quiet one. He kept to himself for the majority of time even during Case game nights. And in order to get him to talk, you had to ask him direct questions. I saw him and Ashley were getting pretty serious and I was so excited to hear they were engaged! Austin got ahold of me within a week of the engagement and we planned their session for the next weekend.
I won't lie, I was nervous! I'm all about drawing out emotions and being interactive during my sessions. And my shoots do require quite a bit of talking. With Austin being my cousin and not hearing more than a few words from him over a week at a time, I wondered how I was going to get him to smile and have fun during our session. 
Thank goodness he's marrying Ashley because she literally brings out the absolute best in him! I heard Austin talk more in the first five minutes of our session, than I've heard him say at all our family reunions combined! And they both had me laughing more than I think I've ever laughed at a session before! Since Ashley is a dancer, I loved watching them slow dance. I could tell it's something they'd been working on. Congrats Austin and Ashley!