Family Photographer

The Family I Married Into • The Peterson's

The first time I came over to Jacob's house to meet his family, they had Family Home Evening with us. Connie read The Christmas Orange as we all got part of a chocolate orange. My mom read this story for Christmas as well and we had Christmas Oranges in our stockings almost every year. After reading the Christmas Orange, Jesse lead us in scriptures and asked us these thought provoking questions about what we were reading. It made me that much more interested in what we were reading.

That's when I felt at home. Connie and Jesse both reminded me so much of my own parents and who wouldn't want In-Laws that remind you of your own family? Even though the move to Idaho was a difficult transition for me, I'm so thankful I have this wonderful family only 15 minutes away.  Here are a few of our family photos from Sunday night. We had about 20 minutes to get these and I think we did a decent job, even if none of the nieces and nephews wanted to look at me. :)