Re-Branding • Instagram Giveaway

When I attended Michelle and Meghan's Retreat last month, we had the opportunity to be mentored one-on-one with each of them. My first mentoring session was with Michelle and her initial questions was, "What is your story?"

I honestly had no idea. I didn't know what my story was. Michelle starting digging deeper and I realized what I wanted my business to be all about. 

Couples in the mountains. 

I told her my dreams of traveling all over the U.S. and photographing authentic love in National Parks. Thanks to Michelle, I got down to the core of why I love the mountains and why they are so important for my couple sessions. You can read all about that here. (You'll want to read it.) 

Meghan and I got to chat the next day and she helped me come up with a simple sketch for a logo which had the mountains in between my business name. It was exactly what I wanted and I didn't know it until she put it on paper for me! That's when Ali came in. 

Ali's one of those girls who is amazing at everything she tries. One of those many things is branding and website designing. Ali branded, designed, and gave my site a complete overhaul and I LOVE IT!!! It is seriously everything I ever wanted in my site plus more! She took my very small, simple idea and figured out how to make it me and my business. Seriously, go exploring through my website!!! It is phenomenal! And anyone thinking about getting a logo, re-branding, website designing, get a hold of Ali! She was so easy to work with, figured out what I wanted, and  made sure I was happy with everything she did. You can contact her HERE.

With this huge new and improved brand, I figured it'd be a great time to do.... A Giveaway! I want to give a couple an awesome session full of laughs, slow dancing, and time away from the real world. Not to mention, some gorgeous images too. Want to enter? Head over to my Instagram here and read all the details on how to enter on my most recent post.