Personal Favorite • Chatbooks

Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with photos. Not just taking photos, but having photos printed. When we moved to Idaho I printed every photo from Jacob and I's relationship into 4x6's. I put them in an album in order of dates, which took forever.  I wanted to write on the backs when and where each photo was taken. But I knew that would take time too, so I gave up on that. 

Then in October I watched a Chatbook ad. I heard amazing things about the Chatbooks and I'd even looked at my aunt's collection in Colorado which is where I fell in love with them. I decided to order my very own. And that's when I fell in love. My book took less than 10 minutes to make, and I did it all from my phone! The book came about a week later and I was hooked! I couldn't stop touching it, and flipping through it. So here's my Top 3 reasons why I love Chatbooks.

I can have all my images from Instagram automatically uploaded along with their descriptions I already typed up from when I posted. If there's something I want to add, I can do that right from the app. I can also add images from Facebook if I prefer or I can make a separate album on my phone dedicated to Chatbooks so when I'm ready, I can upload just that album. Chatbooks is amazing because if you don't want to do anything, you do have to! There's a setting to make Instagram automatically upload your selected platform and a book can be published every month! 

With my previous method, I would have to go through every print and try remembering where we were, what date it was, and what we were doing. Majority of the time I would have to log in to Facebook or Instagram to see if I posted anything about it. And if I didn't, I was kind of out of luck. With Chatbooks, it knows the dates already so when you sync an album or account, it'll automatically put images in order of date taken! You can switch images around easily if you prefer, but i love having everything in order of dates. Chatbooks makes series so you can have multiple life events documented. For example, Kylee Ann does Chatbooks for each of her kids. So she has a Piper series, and then a Brody series, along with her regular family series. 

I was paying about .15 cent per 4x6 print, plus shipping. This didn't include a description or an album to put them in. Chatbooks are $8 for 60 pages! And there's free shipping! You can upgrade to faster shipping or to hardcover if it's something your interested in. But for me to save my memories for 1-3 months as effective and efficient as Chatbooks for only $8 a book? It's beyond worth it to me.
Want to try it out?