Jessica + Taylor • Idaho Bridals

Oh, this bridal session melts my heart! Jessica and Taylor were extremely giddy during their session. As we were about to start their first look at the beginning of their session, I went to see if Jessica needed anything at her car. Jessica and I then started walking over to Taylor, who was turned the opposite way so he couldn't see Jessica. Right as we were just a few yards away, Taylor peaked at Jessica before we had given him the go ahead! He was still so excited to see Jessica when we did the official first look, but I thought is was so cute that Taylor couldn't help but sneak a look before he was supposed to. 

As we hung out for the evening, Jessica and Taylor were not afraid to be themselves! It was great seeing them take a pose and make it their own. All their emotions and interactions were so genuine which is what I strive for in all my sessions. Real emotions and images that make you feel something.

Happy Wedding Day Jessica and Taylor!