Jenkins Family • Happy Birthday Myla-Jade

Thanksgiving was a couple months ago, but it was one of the few times my whole family, including my husband, were all together in 2017. I love any time I can get these favorite people of mine, but Thanksgiving this year was one of my favorites. Seeing little MJ grow each time I see her is one of the coolest things. She is full of personality these days! She's a cat lover, so it was awesome seeing her cuddle up to Simba and Kovu, who are both very docile. Oh how talkative MJ is too! She always was mumbling something and I loved it! 

Beside adoring MJ all of Thanksgiving, we were also able to get family photos of the Jenkins. MJ would not share her smile during the session! I was so bummed! I could get her to smile any other time during the trip. Heck, she smiles at me on FaceTime every week! But she was still just as adorable as ever. I'm so glad I get to see this family of mine next week.

Happy Birthday dearest Myla-Jade! See ya next week!