Kelly Canyon

Abby + Jared • Mountain Engagements

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to document Abby and Jared's engagements! Abby was actually in my home Stake growing up in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our families had game nights all together! I have some cool memories with the Henrie family. 

Abby and Jared are a sweetheart couple. They both are on their last few semesters at BYU-I with Abby in Exercise Physiology and Jared in Neurobiology. I love how carefree Jared and Abby are. They could do be doing anything together and they would be enjoyed it. When I asked Jared to slow dance with Abby I asked what their song was and they told me Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This song seems totally them! And I loved seeing Jared open the car door for Abby the moment they arrived and as they left.

The day before Abby and Jared‘s engagement session we had 40+ mph winds! I'm so glad that it ended up being a beautiful day. We enjoyed some time up at Kelly Canyon and the grass was just barely turning green! Abby and Jared will be getting married at the Idaho Falls Temple. Jake and I were married at the Idaho Falls Temple as well so it holds a special place in my heart! Can’t wait to be a part of these two’s wedding in June!

Nikki + Steffen • Kelly Canyon Engagements

I met Nikki back at the Marry Market in March. It was a spring bridal fair hosted and held by The Venue in Rigby. I had the chance to chat with Nikki for a few minutes there. She entered my engagement/bridal session giveaway and won! This shoot has been in the works for a couple months, and I'm so glad we were able to make it happen this past weekend! 
We decided to meet up at Kelly Canyon for Nikki and Steffen's engagement session. Kaige came for a couple family shots which just made the entire session that much better. Kaige's little smile was so contagious! Just look at him! And Steffen brought his show truck. Props are actually becoming a new favorite for me. They bring variety and personality into your images. And the classy shots we got with Steffen's show truck were fantastic! 
I'm thrilled for Nikki and Steffen to tie the knot. Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session!
MUA: Jaime Shippen

Austin + Ashley • Kelly Canyon

At Case family reunions, Austin was the quiet one. He kept to himself for the majority of time even during Case game nights. And in order to get him to talk, you had to ask him direct questions. I saw him and Ashley were getting pretty serious and I was so excited to hear they were engaged! Austin got ahold of me within a week of the engagement and we planned their session for the next weekend.
I won't lie, I was nervous! I'm all about drawing out emotions and being interactive during my sessions. And my shoots do require quite a bit of talking. With Austin being my cousin and not hearing more than a few words from him over a week at a time, I wondered how I was going to get him to smile and have fun during our session. 
Thank goodness he's marrying Ashley because she literally brings out the absolute best in him! I heard Austin talk more in the first five minutes of our session, than I've heard him say at all our family reunions combined! And they both had me laughing more than I think I've ever laughed at a session before! Since Ashley is a dancer, I loved watching them slow dance. I could tell it's something they'd been working on. Congrats Austin and Ashley!