Abbott Wedding • Trouts Ranch

Carissa and Jacob's wedding day was one you'd find in a magazine. We had the Teton Mountains as a backdrop for family and bridal photos, Carissa and Jacob were completely and totally in love and you could see it on their faces, and the entire family was so welcoming of me into their special day I hardly felt like a photographer.

Their ceremony was beautiful. One thing that really stuck out to me was when the Officant had Jacob and Carissa pour two different colors of sand into a bottle to symbolize becoming one as husband and wife. That was the first time I'd seen a Blending of the Sands in a Wedding Ceremony and it was such a great reminder to me even in my own marriage.

In addition to having a gorgeous couple, we had beautiful light! Majority of Carissa and Jacob's wedding took place outside allowing me to get the BEST images! Natural light will trump artificial light always. So their entire day was a dream to shoot. And check out that send off. One of the cutest! :) Congrats Jacob and Carissa! Enjoy the married life! It's the best! :)