Mountain Wedding

Mountain Engagements • Wyatt + Maddi

I consider Wyatt and Maddi some of our very best friends. I have been able to watch them grow throughout the relationship for over four years. Jacob and I were able to be a part of their proposal. You can view their proposal here and the sand dunes shoot here

It took awhile for Maddi and I to decide on the perfect location. We went back and forth on so many options and we ended up deciding on my all time favorite spot in the mountains. I am obsessed with Idaho mountains and beautiful views. So I was stoked that we were able to go here. We ended up frolicking through some fields for most of the session which was the best part! My favorite thing about Wyatt and Maddi is that they can't take anything seriously. Even though there are so many serious faces in here, they would always end up cracking up at everything! We always end up laughing when we’re all together. We also are huge fans of game nights with all the Meng family on weekends. It's one of my favorite traditions! 

 Wyatt and Maddi‘s wedding will be the first wedding I am both a bridesmaid and the photographer! Crazy as it sounds this is actually a dream of mine. Jake is also a groomsman and this is the first time we’ve ever been a bridesmaid and a groomsmen together for the same wedding! Yes, dreams do come true! I am so stoked to be able to be a part of the wedding party and be documenting one of the best days of their lives. We are so excited to take care of these two on their wedding day!

Jaiden + Beau • Kelly Canyon

I had been looking forward to shooting Jaiden and Beau for awhile, especially with how awesome their first engagement session was. You can view it here. So when Sunday came around and the forecast predicted rain for the whole afternoon, I was pretty bummed. Jaiden mentioned trying a few hours early to miss some of the rain so that's what we attempted. 

When we got up to Kelly's we shot for about ten minutes before in started to completely pour. I asked Jaiden and Beau if they'd be alright waiting it out for a few minutes which ended up being more like 30 minutes. But I'm so glad we did! Once the rain stopped we had a nice overcast afternoon. 

I asked Beau during the session if he wanted a couple shots with his truck and his face instantly lit up! I was so happy to get some images that Beau was stoked about. And Jaiden had mentioned she really wanted fall colors which we sort of had. But right as we finished up we spotted an area where all the leaves were bright yellow! Me and Jaiden about died when we saw it! So we ended up shooting there for a couple more minutes. 

Then we headed back out from Kelly's in our separate cars. Right as I passed Heise Pizza and went over the hill, you could see a view of all the colors and the deep blue sky. Luckily Beau and Jaiden spotted me pulled over and stopped as well and we had another 5 minute session there as well! It was so gorgeous!

I'm so thankful for these two. And I am so stoked for their July Wedding in Island Park! Enjoy just a few of my favorites from their Fall Engagement session.

Abbott Wedding • Trouts Ranch

Carissa and Jacob's wedding day was one you'd find in a magazine. We had the Teton Mountains as a backdrop for family and bridal photos, Carissa and Jacob were completely and totally in love and you could see it on their faces, and the entire family was so welcoming of me into their special day I hardly felt like a photographer.

Their ceremony was beautiful. One thing that really stuck out to me was when the Officant had Jacob and Carissa pour two different colors of sand into a bottle to symbolize becoming one as husband and wife. That was the first time I'd seen a Blending of the Sands in a Wedding Ceremony and it was such a great reminder to me even in my own marriage.

In addition to having a gorgeous couple, we had beautiful light! Majority of Carissa and Jacob's wedding took place outside allowing me to get the BEST images! Natural light will trump artificial light always. So their entire day was a dream to shoot. And check out that send off. One of the cutest! :) Congrats Jacob and Carissa! Enjoy the married life! It's the best! :)