Waterfall Engagements

Kamlyn + Cole • Adventure Session

I was talking to Darcy of Ruby Plum Photo about what we want to do when I come to Colorado in October. She mentioned so many awesome ideas that got me really excited to visit. At the end of our conversation she said we would need to follow up with each other with answers to a couple different questions. One of which was, "What would I love to photograph?" The moment she asked me that, I thought back to this shoot I did a little over a week ago. 

I had this amazing vision in my head since the moment I began to specialize in couples. I wanted mountains, waterfall, aspen trees, gorgeous couple madly in love, and a floral dress. The only thing we were missing that day that I thought I wanted was some pretty sun coming through the trees. But it turned out the gloomy, cloudy weather brought on a whole new mood for the shoot that I fell in love with! 

Kamlyn and Cole were PERFECTION for this session! Literally. Look at these two! They giggled when I asked, slowed danced with the music, and were more than happy to kiss. I could not have asked for a better couple to fulfill my vision for this shoot. Thank you again Kamlyn and Cole! 

Jacob also finished the video from that night and it will bring you all the feels. This waterfall is breath taking! I can't believe we were still in Idaho for it! Make sure to change the video quality to 1080p HD.