Kaden + Keely • Surprise Proposal

OH MY GOSH!!! This shoot is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. One, I'd never photographed a surprise proposal so it was definitely a thrill for me. Two, my aunt, Darcy (Ruby Plum Photo), was with me for the shoot. She actually was the one who mentored ME back in 2013. It was such a blast having someone there to get creative with. Three, I'd never been to The Monument. I've been to Grand Junction plenty of times to visit family and I can't believe two weeks ago was my first time at The Monument. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already. 

Huge shout out to Kaden for reaching out to me and making this happen. This shoot could not have been any better!


When I found out I was going to take a trip to Colorado, I knew I had to shoot something epic there. I asked Darcy what was close in the area and she mentioned The Monument. Once I saw photos, I was hooked.
I then ran a couple model call for the area of Grand Junction and there was only one day we could do it. Keely and Kaden were tagged in my post by a friend for my model call and that's when Kaden messaged me. He asked if I shot proposals and how they turned out and if I would do his. I asked him if he could make the date and time work that we needed and he agreed. I was so stoked!
But Keely hadn't applied yet even though she was tagged. I told Kaden he would need to mention it again to her and have her apply so she'd have no idea. Keely applied, the date and time worked, and they were up for our creative shoot! 
I prepared for the shoot talking to BOTH Kaden and Keely. I told Kaden I didn't want to direct his proposal. I wanted it to still be his own and how he imagined it. I just wanted us to be ready when the time came. He said the ring was in his boot and he would mention something about his socks, which would be our key to be ready when he knelt down to fix them. And Keely had no idea I was talking to Kaden about his plans.
When we arrived to the shoot I saw Kaden and Keely's chemistry right away and it was exactly I wanted. We were able to just have fun and they laughed at our jokes which was a plus. :) Keely wore the most gorgeous white dress that just popped with the red rocks of Colorado. We were getting AMAZING shots while getting creative with our posing and shooting techniques. 
We moved to a spot with the full view of the monument. It was breathtaking for me as I had never been there. That's when Kaden mentioned his sock...
I hurried and backed up, pulled out my phone to start videoing, AND photographed as I was videoing. Kaden had such a thoughtful proposal and I could tell how much it meant to Keely. And she said yes!!! :) 

Thank you again Keely and Kaden for such a memorable and epic night!