For the Photographer • My Favorite Lens

Though I specialize in couples, I happen to shoot seniors and family sessions as well. As the years have gone by I have tried out my fair share of lenses. Granted, I still haven't tried them all out, but there is a lens I seem to always go back to. Casey of Casey James Photography actually rented it a few weeks ago from me and said he also fell in love with it and decided he was going to buy it. That lens happens to be my Canon 24-70mm 2.8.

Because I am primarily a wedding photographer, this lens is so great for the entire day! I can get those wide shots for family photos, zoom in during the ceremony for the couple's kiss, and get stellar shots during the bridal session of the couple. Here are a couple sessions shot solely on my 24-70mm. 

Courtney + Ben Wedding
Jenna +Kaleb Bridals
Keely + Kaden Proposal

Why do I love this lens?

1. Wide Angles. I love being able to get all the group shots done with one lens. I never have switch lenses during the wedding day because I can get the entire family and friends group shot along with all the bride and groom photos including the full temple.

2. Wide Aperture. I know a lot of kit lenses are somewhat wide lenses, but the aperture number doesn't go very low. While 2.8 isn't the lowest, it still gives me the chance to shoot indoor reception with it. Many times during the reception I will step on a chair and get an "up above" shot of everyone dancing. 

3. Most versitle lens. I never have to worry if I have my 24-70 in my bag. I can literally shoot anything with it. Families sessions are always done with it. I love getting full shots of the mountains with my couples. And of course, it rarely leaves my camera on wedding days. 

Am I telling you to go purchase the 24-70mm? Not at all!! Everyone has a different style and the 24-70mm may not fit yours. But it fits mine amazingly and I do highly recommend renting it if you get the chance just to try it out. 
Here's a couple other shots with the 24-70mm 2.8.