Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,

I still remember running down my apartment stairs and there you were, standing in a blue plaid shirt, jeans, and your skate shoes with the biggest grin on your face. You opened every door, laughed at my dumb jokes and made me feel important, like I was already at the top of your priority list. And then you pulled out your guitar and I melted. You sang your original songs and Hear You Me and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Four years later you still make me feel important, like going to Deepwater Horizon late last night even though you had an early morning today. And I still get the butterflies that come along with it. You never cease to amazing me with the selflessness you show when friends call at 1am to ask for help fixing a car and you do it without hesitation, the talents you pick up within just one day, and the patience and support you have with me and my big dreams. 

Thanks for always cooking the meat in our house, driving blizzard conditions to get me to sessions, getting me Wendy's Chili whenever I have a cold, forcing me to be quiet about my gifts so we actually have surprises for Christmas morning, but most of all, supporting me in my business. JayCee Photography would be nothing without you behind the scenes. 
Happy Four Year Anniversary. 
I love you most,