23 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

This weekend I turn 23 and it's kind of blowing my mind. Especially since I can't break out in T-Swift. But since I'm going to be 23 here's 23 facts about me, and most of them have nothing to do with photography!

1. I love movies that connect in every way possible and completely blow my mind. A few of my favorites include Inception, Source Code, Selfless, and the Divergent Series.

2. My living room is always the cleanest room in my house. My bedroom is the messiest.

3. Moving to Idaho was a major adjustment for me and I was actually scared of being home alone all day. That's when Jacob said I could get a cat. Simba is my business partner who mostly sleeps on the job, but he can stand, high five, and shake. Here's a video if you want to see him in action

4. When I was 7 I was in gymnastics and loved every minute of it. 

5. I'm cold blooded and still wear sweatshirts throughout the summer.

6. If I need to vent, I call my mom and sister. If I need a good laugh I call my brother. And if I need expert life advice I call my dad.

7. Just about every weekend of the summer you could find our family camping up at Fox Park. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from those weekends spent away from the real world.

8. Mornings are not really my thing, but 9:00pm to 1:00am I can accomplish anything!

9. When I was 12 my parents sold their old house we got a "happy day" and I chose a camera. My dad bought my the Canon XTi with a zoom lens. I've been in love with photography ever since.

10. I moved schools my Freshman Year and without knowing anyone I tried out for the Cheer Team and actually got on. 

11. I definitely have a sweet tooth and would eat desert for every meal if I could.

12. My sense of direction is absolutely horrible and I'm so thankful for modern day technology that allows me to have Maps anywhere I go.

13. I'm an introvert which may sound crazy being a photographer. Slowly I am being more interested in parties as long as there's someone to talk business or photography with. 

14. One thing I wish I was better at is dancing. I have zero talent when it comes to tempo and steps so hopefully this year I do something about that.

15. Dying my hair is an addiction of mine! Since becoming a professional photographer I try my best to hold back from dramatic changes so clients can recognize me, but I'm feeling a change coming on...

16. I will do anything to avoid taking medicine of any kind along with the fact that I dread doctors.

17. Jacob, my husband, is the reason I went full-time in my photography business. The first month in Idaho he would not let me get a job until I had tried my photography business full-time. Here we are almost a year later and I have Jacob to thank for that!!

18. I am extremely sensitive and soft hearted. When I was 3 years old my sister was getting her shots and I cried outside the doctors door. Your pain is my pain.

19. For some reason I can't justify spending any amount of money on myself, but I will buy anything for my husband and cat.

20. Originally I was Business major when I decided to stop at my Associates Degree. Marketing still really interests me so I hope I can work a marketing job one day in a big company.

21. I believe everything happens for a reason, whether I understand it or not.

22. My ears aren't pierced and they never have been.

23. I love every single one of my clients and I am so excited for what's in store with JayCee Photography for the next year!