Jodi + Jayden • New Mexico Anniversary Session

Jodi and Jayden run Firework stands down in New Mexico and for the past two years Jacob and I have gone down to join them! Jacob is obsessed with fireworks, so he has the time of his life selling them. This summer my parents were able to come down too which made it an amazing family gathering.

While we were visiting, Jodi and Jayden announced to the family they were expecting! I was so excited and I knew we had to take some time to get photos of Jodi and Jayden for their awesome news. Jodi had such a gorgeous vision for this session. She had bought huge gold balloons that spelled out "Baby". We ended up having a busy day so my mom and I decided to get some things done while Jodi got ready for the session. We headed to Dollar Tree to get these huge balloons filled up and the entire time all I was thinking was, "I really hope I don't pop these, I really hope I don't pop these." While they filled them up, I could see the B's having issues being filled. They ended up putting more air in each B and they finally looked normal. 

I had my mom bring up the car to the front so the balloons wouldn't blow away, and the moment I brought one out to the sun, it popped!! I of course freaked out and didn't want to bring anymore out. I felt horrible as well. So my mom brought the others into the car and the other B popped! Needless to say, I cried feeling like the worst person in the world. (If you've read my 23 facts, you know I'm pretty emotional and sensitive.)

Jodi seemed completely unbothered when I came home and told her which made me feel so much better! We ended up improvising with a frame off the wall and it turned out so cute! Congrats Jodi and Jayden! I can't wait to be Auntie Jay. :)