Makayla + Curtis • Idaho Falls Engagements

I feel like Idaho Falls is one of those places that doesn't have as many locations I would like it to. I’m from Cheyenne, Wyoming where there's about three different parks I loved shooting at all of them have so much variety so I never get bored! So I struggle when it comes to shooting near Idaho Falls finding a location that works for what I'm wanting, but this one does great! Makayla was actually the mini session giveaway winner on my Instagram. She guessed where we are going this August which was, in fact, Hawaii!

Makayla and Curtis are great together! I absolutely loved seeing their chemistry as a bystander. It was so cool to watch their interactions and see what a sweetheart Curtis is to Makayla. During their session we had some of the best light ever. We found this little patch of wildflowers and shot in them for most of the session. The pop of yellow was just so dreamy and made quite the scene for these two. Can we also take a moment to appreciate Makayla's hat? It was the perfect accessory for the session and I'm alway so jealous of girls who can pull off hats so well!