Madi + Ethan • Payson Temple Wedding

I recommend to my Bride's to do their Bridals and "First Look" a few weeks before the wedding. This has a few perks and one is you'll have wedding photos to display at your reception! Your guests who couldn't attend your ceremony or the temple will adore seeing beautiful photos of the two of you. It's also one less thing you have to do on your wedding day! Your wedding day is one of the most emotional and beautiful days and you'll want to soak it all in. Enjoy that time with family instead of taking an hour away from those who came to celebrate you. With how much I love first looks and a separate bridal session, I  was thrilled when Madi and Ethan told me that's exactly what they wanted. 

Madi and Ethan met me at the Payson Temple a few weeks before their October wedding. They had an adorable first look and I remember Ethan saying, "Aw, Mads! You are gorgeous! Let me see your hair!" Ethan was so happy to see his beautiful bride-to-be and I loved hearing him call her Mads. Nicknames have always held a special place in my heart.  

The prettiest decorations, cake, flowers, and lights were throughout the reception including quite a bit of pie! The highlight of the entire Bennett and Klassen Wedding was watching as both Madi and Ethan signed to Madi's neighbor, Frankie. They each took 5 minutes to talk and sign back and forth with Frankie as he went through the reception line. It softened my heart seeing the selflessness these two have and I was honored to capture and attend their beautiful October Wedding. Enjoy a few ( or a bunch ) of my favorites from their Wedding. 

Dress // Circle of Love
HMUA // Aubrey Rachelle
Florals // Petal & Bloom Floral Design