Shoot and Share 2018

2018 was my fourth year entering the annual Shoot and Share Contest. I throughly enjoy the Shoot and Share contest because it's unbiased and anonymous, (unless, of course, you've seen the photos before). I can send the link to friends and family because anyone can vote! And it gets pretty addicting. 

Finalist badges are given to the Top 3.5% of the entire contest. That includes all the photos entered! Top 30%, 20%, and 10% are given for each category, such as engagements, portraits, family, etc. 

This is an annual, world-wide photo contest. In 2018, 412,379 photos were submitted, and over 75 MILLION votes were cast by 124,894 people from 130 different countries! 24 of JayCee Photography's photos received badges in 2018.